Deck Guide: Boonlight Dagon

Do you like Warewolfs?  Then you need to check out this deck that Movius was piloting to GM.

Here is what Movius has to say about it!  Yes, the moonlight archetype already exist, but how much of them have you met in ladder? 1, 2? Did the list really work or not? Nonono, trust me that one work, and really good imo.

A little preamble about the card moonlight, my deck use this card mostly (ever) as BOON, only as boon, why? Casue is way more stronger than hazard, i’ve tried making a deck with hazard moon and about moving enemy into it, didn’t work. Boon instead is like having a staple clime on 1-2-3 of your row, usually not answerable. The most played deck right now (dwarf, bear, alchemy) don’t play hazard, or maybe just one with gremist, so in some turn of play you can have a gold weather on your side every turn, and the opponent can’t answer. It’s game winner.

Ok let’s go, i don’t have winrate proof since i played without tracker but i think it’s around 65% (with also some test in the middle).

Check out the full deck guide!