Deck Guide: Kill it with FIRE!

If you like shiny gold dragons, this guide is for you!  IceyLevel piloted this deck for us and he takes advantage of machines and creating some value for a big scorch, but with two scorches!

Winning r1 even is better than losing 2 cards up, unless they have carryover.  If you’re first play reactively and try to find a way to use thaler into cavalries, then you either become second (Card advantage kind of inverts coinflip) or they pass and you win one card down, which is fine, but try to do this after you kill their carryover.

If you’re second use henselt early to force a pass.  Drypass r2.  In r3 you’ll unleash the Big Red Dragon and have the opponent suck a bag of di…luents (?)

Check out the full guide here!