Deck Guide: Mill is back!!

Do you enjoy making your opponent frustrated?  Then you probably should be playing this deck!  Let’s have Movius walk us through this deck.

So you may be asking, why 27 cards? Cause you don’t want to mill yourself, more cards would make difficult to draw avallach i think 27 is good enough.  The main problem of the deck is the draw, if you don’t draw good you lose 10 out of 10, if you draw nice (usually happen) you can beat almost everything quite easily.  Try to wait as much as you can before start drawing cause enemy doesn’t aspect mill and until you make him draw he will keep playing as usual (like discarding cards, ecc).  If you have a silver avallach on board and some way to get it in hand: never pass, a silver avallach in grave is very difficult to grab this card again.  It’s not a problem go 2 or also 3 cards down to win a round, it will happen and you can get the advantage quite easily.

Start with Skellen, get avallach or novice (to play shackels), play alba spearmen, then avallach and then start bouncing it from board to hand.  If you won first round try to make enemy draw as much as possible and if you can, make him play all the cards.  If you lose try, try, to don’t play avallach if you don’t have renew.  Check out the full guide here!