Deck Guide: Queens’ Consume

Craving some more Monster in your life?  Tzunami piloted a really fun deck and you should check it out!

The main gameplan is easy to explain. We want to copy as many Nekkers in Round 1 as possible and buff them with our consumers and win Round 3 with a two or three card combo.   Sounds easy but in fact there are two problems: First you need a Nekker on your hand and second you need a Nekker Warrior to duplicate it. To maximize our chances nearly the whole deck is build around these two cards.

Marching Orders will get you wheter a She-Troll or a Slyzard which both saves your core cards.

She-Troll wheter gets you a Nekker or consumes a Rotfiend which grant you a huge power swing in long rounds.

Shadow obviously pulls out a Nekker.

Royal Decree grants you a saver finisher for round three.

The rest is all about cycling and deck thinning

Also big problems for Consume decks are: The early tempo and the finisher flexibility.

This is what the Cones and Succubus are for. Both saved me a lot of matches and are the most underrated monster cards at the moment in my opinion. Also Cones are deck thinning and since there are no real mulligans in this deck not a big risk for round one.

However the silver slots in a consumer are the most discussable slots and I tried out a lot to raise the stability.

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