Deck Guide: Tempo Xavier

Merry Christmas!  Here is a deck that our all of us have been using with GREAT success!  We had 6 people hit GM with this and many other climb hundreds of rank.  WowItsMatt piloted it and hit GM first!

The general strategy for this deck is to push R1 for the win vs most decks, bleed R2 and play a 2 to 4 card R3 depending on the opponent and exactly what cards you have in hand. I will usually hold back a pair of finishing plays going into round 3 (some combination of Barclay Els, Hattori and Xavier Moran generally do the trick). Ferdek added that holding back Brover into Hattori (which he will mulligan if he needs to) is his go-to finisher and has increased his win rate. If you draw your spy or don’t need it this is a great strategy.

Systematically round 1 we start with elves, Iorveth (if you are playing the standard version of him) plus your elves to get out Aelirenn and if you are able to play any remaining elves without falling behind those go out as well. At that point you switch to dwarves and / silver cards as needed to push enough tempo to take the round. Sometimes just a few cards is enough, other times you may play most of your hand in round 1.”

Check out the full guide here!