In House Tournament #1

Well, it is in the books!  We had our first tournament and it was a great success!  We hosted it in a very unique style, because we have people on cross platforms, we had a team vs team tournament.  This allowed people on PS4 and XBOX to still play in the tournament.  Here is a link to the brackets and a synopsis from the winners!


We decided to go with OP mczar ST deck, Bears because bears and Henselt machines because thats what fanderman would do 🙂 Luckily opp banned SK and we didn’t have to play that boring shit. We banned monster (he had ST, SK, MON) cause we didn’t know what kind of MON they has at all.

First game was ST mirror, we won coin, get 1 wardancer out, so it was practically a win already, it appears that opponent wasn’t playing mczar himself, they played golden weather, but since they lost coin they cant play weather on tempo, cause mczar’s deck has highest tempo gain by just playing bronzes. So, at one point they gave up and played Drought but it wasn’t enough and we passed with +2 CA.

Second round they played RNR going for long r2 (completely reasonable) but all this time we had Ida in my hand and counter spy by Hero power… rest of the game is not interesting. Second game: Henselt vs Scoia golden weather. We won coin again (we are sorry), 2nd turn they played Drought, we had no counter to weather in our deck so we just tanked it whole round, it was closer this time but at some point we played Henselt to Siege Master gaining roughly 1 million points of tempo, they tried to spy but we had Sum Circle, so we won at equal cards. Then we dry passed r2, and drew Thaler r3, we were at 1.5 CA and Thaler, and we had 3 Cavalry rest in my deck, opponent conceded shortly after Thaler. so thats it.

Sorry for my broken english :d