Deck Guide: Nekkers, Nekkers, Nekkers

Hey guys!  We are going to be sharing a really fun and high skill required deck.  It is ALL about nekkers, they are your (only) win condition, said in this way it could seem dangerous but trust us they are enough. The point is that even a spellatel hasn’t the answer to banish all your nekkers.  We have tested this extensively and Movius has piloted the deck all the way to GM.  Let us know what you think and check out the full guide here!

Deck Guide: Top 15 Global Scorch Henselt

Check out a really successful deck that Saber is piloting for us!  Try to achieve maximum value for your machines while setting up a sweet schorch. This variant doesn’t have a card above 7 (except Rondovid) which means it is extremely easy to get some massive scorch values. Try to save Villen for your r3 finisher and be careful your opponent doesn’t play a spy to counter it. Check out the full guide to help understand the matchups and win conditions here!

Deck Guide: Checkmate

Are you on the Pro ladder and looking for a deck that can get you just a little bit more points in NR, well if you answered yes, than you need to check out this guide!  BeardyWog had an opportunity to pilot this deck and had some great success.  The deck relies on the Blue Stripes Scout and Blue Stripes Commando package + Armor combos which is nothing new in NR. But what it packs is some heavy removal/locks and control is very good in this meta. Also you will reliably go through all your cards in most of the games. Check out the full guide here and let us know what you think!

Deck Guide: Kill it with FIRE!

If you like shiny gold dragons, this guide is for you!  IceyLevel piloted this deck for us and he takes advantage of machines and creating some value for a big scorch, but with two scorches! Winning r1 even is better than losing 2 cards up, unless they have carryover.  If you’re first play reactively and try to find a way to use thaler into cavalries, then you either become second (Card advantage kind of inverts coinflip) or they pass and you win one card down, which is fine, but try to do this after you kill their carryover. If you’re second use henselt early to force a pass.  Drypass r2.  In r3 you’ll unleash the Big Red Dragon and have the opponent suck a bag…

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Deck Guide: Mill is back!!

Do you enjoy making your opponent frustrated?  Then you probably should be playing this deck!  Let’s have Movius walk us through this deck. So you may be asking, why 27 cards? Cause you don’t want to mill yourself, more cards would make difficult to draw avallach i think 27 is good enough.  The main problem of the deck is the draw, if you don’t draw good you lose 10 out of 10, if you draw nice (usually happen) you can beat almost everything quite easily.  Try to wait as much as you can before start drawing cause enemy doesn’t aspect mill and until you make him draw he will keep playing as usual (like discarding cards, ecc).  If you have a silver avallach on board…

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Deck Guide: Brewing with Dorfs

We are excited about a deck that we have been testing, “Brewing with Dorfs”!  What’s the idea behind the deck?  You guessed it, PLENTY OF ALE!  We are getting these dwarfs DRUNK!  The deck is still being tested and we are working on the full guide, but in the meantime if you want to try it out, here is a link to the deck list!  Mahakam wasn’t built in a day! Link to the decklist, CLICK HERE!

Deck Guide: Radovid Machine Swarm Hybrid

Hey everyone!  We have a really cool deck brought to you by one of our resident machine experts, IceyLevel.  Let’s get into the mechanics of this deck! This deck uses a swarm package to thin deck and out power round one, you have to win round one to avoid being bled.  Accept losing 2 cards up against decks without carryover, try to 2-0 consume monsters, short round 3 against Curse Skellige.  It is really important that you use at least one machine in the first 2 round to have a decent Shani target.  To learn more about this deck check out the link below. Check out the full deck guide here!

Deck Guide: Spies Girls

Who doesn’t love a nice spy deck?  DaMaddin piloted this deck for us and has now been playing this list for a little over a month and took it to 4250MMR and currently on his way to GM with it. It is safe to say that he is one of the most loyal servants of our true and only Emperor Emhyr var Emreis the White Flame Dancing on the Barrows of his Enemies. This deck is a bit tricky to learn and you will definitely need  to spend some time with it to get the hang of it, but its really rewarding to play and strong in the current Meta. Check out the full deck guide here!

The Member Section is now LIVE!

Hey everyone!  Wow we have been growing; we are up to 19 members and counting!  The members section is now live with pictures and the ability for additional content to be added.  We may be showcasing the platform on the profiles in the future.  Until people provide a picture they will get the Yennifer default picture :).  Please check back often for more updates to the members page.  You can see all the fun by clicking on the link below Check out all the Members HERE!

Deck Guide: Death Wish

Here is one of our newest decks that “Movius” piloted for us.  He has been using this deck since the start of the season, and at the time of this post was 3500MMR with a 65% of winrate.  He goes on to discuss the deck, its mulugians and the matchups in detail in the guide found below. Cliffnotes:  It works very good against skellige in all forms & monster, has some trouble depending on the deck with scoiatel and only struggles against Nilfgaard. The Fourth Row – Death Wish